Thursday, 24 February 2011

Tanya Poll

Tanya Poll's series titled "There's No Place" is a similar project to mine, in that it contains images taken on a journey through a location. Her's contains images from London, Tokyo, Melbourne and Auckland.

I have taken an image a lot like this one for my project, but mine is a lot more colourful. I think that the image works because its really simple and its something we see everyday but don't really notice - a theme which is present quite heavily in my own project.

I think that the images in this series are interesting for one reason in particular - you have to look at them properly before you can tell exactly what it is. Tanya Poll takes images of mundane, everyday things in an exciting and different way. For example, this image of a tree was taken from the reflection of a puddle or a pool of water. Different viewpoints are something that I have taken into consideration in my own images.

This image is quite different, it looks pretty straightforward, but I think that its more about the lines produced and the composition than it is about the way the image is presented. I think that it looks interesting visually while still providing the series with some variation within the images.

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