Thursday, 3 February 2011

boom photographer binge

Trish Morrissey

Trish Morrissey's series of Photographs titled "Seven Years" are ones in which she recreates photographs from her family album, using the same location and same people, just at a later period - so naturally, the place would have changed a bit and the people will have become a lot older. I find this really interesting and it's definitely something I wish to follow. I really like that while I know it's staged, it could quite easily be a holiday snap at the same time.

Here's a few of my favourites from the series.

The idea of recreating scenes from memory fascinates me. I think its a combination of the personal memories that the photographs hold with the nostalgic feel they all have.

My childhood was all fields and  playgrounds and spending hours on end just messing around in fields and only coming home for food and then i'm back out getting muddied up. I think I might recreate this now, but as I can't physically go home and back to the locations I spent time in, I plan to recreate the photographs here in Kingston.

So yeah, this work by Trish Morrissey will probably be my main influence during this project.

John Szarkowski

Szarkowski has photographed open space really well and I think that although he used B/W film rather than colour doesn't really matter because he's still managed to capture the space really effectively. However, I think that if he did use colour then the photographs would have a completely different feel to them. There's just something special about photographing the space in B/W that would be lost if he used colour, I think.

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