Thursday, 27 January 2011

New Term. New Project.

Imagined Places

For this project, I intend to do a series of Portraits based on places that I remember from home. Seeing as I can't physically go home to do this project, I plan on re-creating scenes from memories in a different location.

I've been on a Location hunt and I found a massive field just outside Kingston, Hampton Court Park.

It reminds me of home, somehow. Maybe it's the acres of open space that are so common at home, but are a rarity in London? I dunno, but its really quite cool and I definitely plan on using it in this project. I might even go back later and do some self portraits there.. maybe.

Another place that I often associate with my childhood is a playground, naturally. I found a really cool playground which is shockingly similar to one back home, so I may use this, too.

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